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Welcome to South East Notary Services

  • I provide a full range of notarial services for both private individuals and businesses.

  • I mainly support clients in the South East of England including London, Kent and East Sussex and particularly the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Crowborough, Heathfield, Uckfield and surrounding areas.

  •  I am able to notarise documents signed in England for use abroad.

  • I understand you may often require a document to be notarised urgently and I can arrange an appointment at short notice.

  • My service is fast, reliable and efficient.  I am used to working to tight deadlines.

  • I can visit you at your home or office if required.

  • Where needed I can arrange legalisation by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to obtain an Apostille and if necessary embassy or consular verification.



For Individuals

I can notarise all types of documents for private clients for use in foreign countries.

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For Businesses

I can notarise all types of documents for all forms of businesses for use in foreign countries.

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Home and Office Appointments

I can visit you at your home or office although an additional charge may apply.

Legalisation Services

When a document is notarised in the United Kingdom for use in another country, a further formality known as 'legalisation', 'consularisation' or obtaining an 'Apostille' may be required. Legalisation is the process by which my signature and seal are authenticated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and sometimes the Embassy or Consulate in the UK of the country where the document is to be used.

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Chris Langridge

Chris Langridge

Notary Public

Chris has been a Notary Public for more than 20 years and is fully experienced in notarial matters. Prior to setting up South East Notary Services Chris practised as a solicitor and Notary Public at Cripps LLP in Tunbridge Wells for more than 30 years. Chris is a member of the Notaries Society.



Please telephone me for a fixed price or estimate for the work.

I work on a time basis.

It is helpful if you can mail me a copy of the documentation to be notarised and any specific instructions you have received in advance of our meeting.

Fixed fees

Wherever possible I give a fixed price. This is not always possible due to the variable nature of what is needed.


If it is not possible to provide you with a fixed fee then I can provide you with my best estimate of the likely charges.

Terms of Business

Please read my terms of business which set out the basis on which I act for you.

Third party costs

In addition to my fees you are responsible for reimbursing any expenses, charges and fees I pay to others on your behalf. These include, for example, legalisation charges to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Embassies and Consulates.

If you would like documents to be sent by courier or special, recorded or other guaranteed delivery then I can arrange this and invoice you for the costs incurred.


I am not registered for VAT.


  • cheque
  • cash
  • BACS transfer
  • most debit and credit cards

Appointments and ID


You will need to attend in person where documentation is to be signed in my presence.

Please telephone or email me to arrange an appointment.


Private clients

As a notary I am required to satisfy myself as to the identity of clients. Please ensure you bring to the appointment:
  • 1 original document with your photo proving your identity (such as your current passport or photo driving licence);  and
  • 1 original document showing your current address which is less than three months old (such as a utility bill or bank statement) .

Business clients 

In addition to the above, for each individual signatory I will also need to identify the company and the authority given to the signatory to sign the specific documentation (such as a board resolution).


To enable me to advise you correctly and ensure any relevant procedures are followed it is helpful if you can email me a copy of the documentation and any specific instructions you have received before we meet.

Appointments and ID



A Notary Public is a qualified lawyer. Notaries are appointed by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The main role of a Notary for private clients is the witnessing of signatures to documents, and preparing and certifying copies of documents usually for use abroad.

For business clients as well as the above a Notary verifies, authenticates and records deeds, documents and facts for cross-border transactions, performing a vital function in international trade and business.

Often documents may have been prepared by a foreign lawyer for signature in the UK.
Notarised documents may then be used outside the UK.

Notaries must be fully insured and maintain fidelity cover for the protection of their clients and the public.
Some documents may clearly state that your signature must be witnessed by a Notary Public.

For centuries, Notarial acts have been recognised and accepted throughout the world. Anyone with business abroad may rely on a Notary to provide acceptable documentation quickly and at a reasonable cost.

If you are not sure if the document must be witnessed by a Notary Public please seek guidance from the person requesting or who issued the document.
If your document states that is must be 'notarised' this means that you must sign the document in front of a Notary Public.

As a Notary Public for each person signing a document I must verify their identity, legal capacity and understanding of the document as well as their authority if signing on behalf of another party such as a limited company.
UK documents that have been signed by a Notary can be ‘legalised’ by the Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They do this by attaching a certificate to the document which is known as an Apostille.

You might need to do this if someone in another country has asked you to provide a UK document and they have said it must be legalised or have an Apostille.

Attaching the Apostille authenticates the validity of my signature, stamp and seal and that I am a Notary Public.

The Apostille is widely recognised by countries that are members of the Hague Convention.
Some countries who are not members of the Hague Convention require notarised documents to be legalised by their Consul or Embassy in the UK.  

Many of these countries require legalisation first by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the attaching of an Apostille.
You do not have to go to the US Embassy in London to have a document for use in the USA notarised in the UK.

I can help you with your US documents requiring notarisation. I have notarised US documents for many American and non-American clients here in the UK.

Each US State has its own rules as to how documents should be notarised. These rules usually set out what should be done if a document for use in a specific State is to be signed and notarised outside of the State and outside of the United States.

In some cases, additional steps may need to be taken. A few States have particular specifications (such as the need for by legalisation by an Apostille).  For more details on legalisation by Apostille see Legalisation Services.

The US Embassy provides US Notary services in London because they are technically operating on US soil.
You have to book an appointment with the US Embassy in advance and you may have to wait several weeks for an appointment. You can check the US Embassy site here 

Outside of the US Embassy, only English qualified and regulated Notaries can undertake Notary functions in England for use in the USA.

I am able to assist with the notarisation and legalisation of a degree certificates.

Stage 1 - Notarised Certification
I will need to make a copy of the ORIGINAL degree certificate. I will then notarise and certify the copy with a certificate and my signature, stamp and seal.

My certificate can be either qualified or unqualified.

A qualified certification will include a statement that I have not verified that the degree has been awarded by the University.

If an unqualified certificate is required, I carry out an online check via or the University to verify the award of the degree. Hedd and Universities make a charge for this service. I will also need to attach to my application for verification the degree holder’s consent and I can email this to you for completion and return to me if an unqualified certification is required.

The time which this takes depends on the response time of Hedd or the University.

Stage 2 Legalisation (if required)

Legalisation is the verification by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and/or consulate of the destination country that my signature, stamp and seal are mine as a Notary Public.
I can obtain an apostille by post from the FCO in Milton Keynes but you should usually allow four or more working days after your document is notarised for this to be received by me. The FCO fee for the apostille is £30 for each document plus a £5.50 return courier charge (within UK).

If Embassy or Consulate legalisation is required also additional fees and Embassy/Consulate charges will be incurred.
The easiest thing to do is ring me on 07971 149310 - I will do my best to help

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South East Notary Services is the trading name of South East Notary Services Limited a limited liability company registered in England and Wales with registered number 11616709 and with its registered office at Browcroft, Church Road, Rotherfield, East Sussex, England.

Director: C J Langridge, Notary Public.

South East Notary Services Limited and Christopher Langridge are regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3 JT - telephone 020 722 2 5381

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